Video: Demand Progress Webinar on FY 2022 Appropriations Public Witness Testimony

Demand Progress hosted a webinar on Friday, April 30 to hear from presenters who otherwise would have testified in person before the appropriations subcommittees on improving government transparency and accountability.

This webinar was moderated by Taylor J. Swift, policy advisor for Demand Progress. The timestamps for each presenter are included below.

Presenters included:

• Eli Lehrer, president of the R Street Institute, called for the removal of confederate statues from public view in the Capitol. (1:25) (Written Testimony)

• Ginger McCall, legal director for Demand Progress, called for transparency around the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel legal opinions. (5:19) (Written Testimony)

• Nan Swift, resident fellow of the R Street Institute, called for a properly funded Congress and in particular providing necessary funds to GAO. (12:39) (Written Testimony)

• The Hon. Brian Baird, former Member of Congress, addressed continuity of government. (17:40) (Written Testimony)

• Michael Stern, a former House attorney and founder of Point of Order, called for greater transparency concerning positions taken by the House’s Office of Legal Counsel to ensure the congressional perspective is given proper consideration by the courts. (21:26) (Written Testimony)

• Daniel Schuman, policy director for Demand Progress, addressed congressional staff unionization. (28:14) (Written Testimony)

• Jamie Neikrie, coordinator for Issue One, called to make the staff payroll paid twice-a-month and to increase investments in the congressional academy. (32:57) (Written Testimony)

• Amelia Strauss, policy advisor for Demand Progress, addressed Capitol Police transparency. (38:30) (Written Testimony)

• Bradley Moss, partner at the Washington, D.C. Law Office of Mark S. Zaid, P.C., called for a review of in camera FOIA declarations. (43:56) (Written Testimony)

• Irvin McCullough, national security analyst for the Government Accountability Project, called for the creation of a Senate Office of the Whistleblower Ombuds. (50:19 )(Written Testimony)

• Andrew Lautz, director of federal policy for the National Taxpayers Union, called for greater transparency around OMB apportionment decisions and reform around the OCO. (53:07) (Written Testimony)

• Kel McClanahan, executive director of National Security Counselors, addressed strengthening GAO’s oversight capabilities when it comes to intelligence matters. (59:10) (Written Testimony)

Watch the presentations below.