New Tool: Capitol Hill Twitter Jobs Bot

Not all twitter bots are bad.  

We consolidated nearly 20 sources that announce Capitol Hill jobs into one twitter feed –  Here’s a list of what it covers:

  • House Dems (Majority Leader’s feed)
  • House GOP
  • House Employment Bulletin
  • House Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Other House Organizations (e.g., Sergeant at Arms)
  • Senate Placement
  • Library of Congress Jobs
  • CRS Jobs
  • CBO Jobs
  • IGNet Careers (Inspectors General offices in federal agencies)
  • AOC Jobs
  • USA Jobs consolidated search covering the House, Senate, CBO, LOC, GAO, GPO, Capitol Police, Office of Congressional Workplace Rights, and Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

We built this feed by using (or creating) RSS feeds from websites and twitter accounts.  A note to congressional staffers – if your website has an RSS feed, it’s easier for the public (and us) to use data from your site.  If you don’t have an RSS feed, we have to build one ourselves using tools like feed43.  That can be complicated and a barrier for others to use your data and share information.  

If there is a source of Capitol Hill jobs that we missed, please email, and we’ll add it to the list.