House Passes Modernization Committee Resolution

Yesterday, the House overwhelmingly passed H.Res 756, the bipartisan resolution voted unanimously out of the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress (SCOMC). The resolution includes 29 recommendations that aim to make Congress more effective, efficient and transparent. Some of these recommendations include taking critical steps to improve staff retention and diversity, updating House technology and security, and increasing public access to congressional offices and information.

SCOMC, by definition, does not have any legislative authority. The passage of this resolution marks the first time that legislative action has resulted from a select committee. SCOMC has held 16 hearings and numerous Member and staff-level briefings and listening sessions to solicit ideas and recommendations for reforming the legislative branch since March 2019.

“We applaud the bipartisan work of the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress that is helping to move the House of Representatives into the modern era.” said Daniel Schuman, policy director, Demand Progress. “While there is much more to do, the committee has demonstrated with H. Res 756 that congressional reform is not only possible, but imperative.” 

A number of organizations, including our own, have been working with SCOMC to provide expertise and help craft recommendations. Much credit goes to House Administration Committee Chair Lofgren and Ranking Member Davis, along with SCOMC Chair Kilmer and Vice Chair Graves and Members of the House Select Committee on Modernization, as well as the staffers on the committee and in House offices across the Hill for their hard work and dedication to build a stronger Congress.

— Written by Taylor J. Swift