Presenting a New One-Stop-Shop for all Science and Technology Related Reports: @Global_OTA.

In today’s clickbaity and information saturated digital age, it can be difficult to find definitive and objective information, research, and reports on science and technology and their impacts on global policy making. Luckily, our team just made many of these reports easier to find. @Global_OTA, our newest twitter bot, tweets all science & technology assessment reports that are published from European Parliamentary Technology Assessment (EPTA). 

There are currently 23 total members in the EPTA, including 12 full members like the European Parliament, France, Germany, Norway, and the UK and others. The other 11 members are associates and include the United States, Portugal, Russia, Denmark, and Japan and others. 

The EPTA member partners advise parliaments on the possible social, economic and environmental impact of new sciences and technologies to provide impartial and high quality accounts and reports. The cohort’s goal is to continue to advance technology assessment as a primary part of policy creation in parliamentary decision-making processes. 

Such work was pioneered by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) in Congress back in the 1970s. While OTA no longer exists, there continues to be a long debate to bring it back. In the interim, this twitter account can help staffers and scholars find these reports in one place. 

If you are a staffer who works on or is interested in science and technology, make sure to follow @Global_OTA to keep up with the latest EPTA news. 

— Written by Taylor J. Swift