Capitol Police Round Up: Week Ending November 21, 2019

We are resuming our weekly updates on U.S. Capitol Police activity, which were previously embedded in our weekly newsletter the First Branch Forecast.

For the week ending on November 21, 2019, there were 13 incidents reported with a total of 56 individuals arrested. 

Noteworthy incidents included an individual attempting to bring an unregistered firearm and ammunition into the Russell Senate office building—he was arrested when his weapon went through the x-ray machine—and USCP approaching and arresting someone for suspected marijuana use. (The USCP’s role is to protect the Capitol Complex, so it is unclear how a pot arrest contributes to congressional safety and security.)

Here’s how this week’s activity compares to the average distribution: 

Here’s where activity was concentrated:


Check back here on Friday for next week’s round up.

Written by Amelia Strauss and Taylor J. Swift