Feds Lag in Publishing Funding Requests

Congressional Budget Justifications (CBJs) are plain-language explanations of how an agency proposes to spend money it requests that Congress appropriate, but how easy is it for congressional staff and citizens to find these documents? Demand Progress surveyed 456 federal agencies and entities for fiscal years 2018 and 2019 and found: 7.5 percent of the 173 … Continue reading Feds Lag in Publishing Funding Requests

It’s Federal Budget Day. (Groan)

How to make sense of the President’s spending proposal. Today is the day the White House sends the President’s budget to Congress. The proposal — dead on arrival — is an unintelligible mishmash of happy talk, legislative language, and columns of data. Buried in the pablum is something useful: explanations of what the government does. Imagine, if you can, a plain language … Continue reading It’s Federal Budget Day. (Groan)